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The Aquamat Chiller Cool Coat for dogs is made of a material especially designed to hold water without wetting your dog. So while the dog stays dry and odour free, the Chiller transfers heat away from the dog keeping him cool and comfortable in the hot sunshine. Whether lazing in the garden, travelling in the car or racing about in the mid-day sun, your dog will stay cool and refreshed.

Agility dog? Hot muggy night? - (it’s comfortable enough for your dog to sleep in it.) Competition or pet dog - use your Aquamat Chiller whenever you need to keep your best friend cool. Aquamat Chiller was designed for comfort. It will not restrict movement (we’ve tested it over agility courses) and will not move and slide from your dog’s back.

Built to last!

Before fitting the Aquamat Chiller coat simply soak it in a bowl of water, then wring out the excess water, leaving plenty of water in it but without it dripping.


Take your Chiller out & about on your travels wet in a bag, but we do not recommend storage wet in a bag for any length of time. Before storing wash at 40C with ordinary wash powder or diluted mild disinfectant. Whilst still wet or damp fold Chiller to size and shape desired for storage. Allow the Aquamat Chiller to air dry during storage, don’t worry that it appears hard and inflexible. Do not fold or bend it when dry, but  to re-vitalize it all you have to do is soak it in warm water until flexible again and then soak in cold water to use it.


Your Aquamat Chiller will rinse out but you can machine wash it if you wish – 40C without fabric softener and without tumble drying. Try washing with just water and a cap of mild disinfectant (such as Zofolora) to keep your Chiller Cool Coat fresh and clean.

Measure from neck to start of tail

Size 1 is 30 cms/out of stock

Size 2 is 40 cms/out of stock

Size 3 is 50 cms £28/out of stock

Size 4 is 60 cms £33/out of stock

Size 5 is 70 cms £38/out of stock

Bulldog Size is   £32/out of stock

Aquamat Chiller: the coolest cool coat